Mummy and Ted say…

We love the Micro Mini 2 Go!


As regular readers will be aware, Ted has just turned one. One of his favourite presents has been his Mini Micro 2 Go scooter – I am a bit of a research geek so after scouring the Internet I quickly learnt that if we wanted a quality product that will last the test of time (and a toddler), Micro Scooter were the way to go.

I had all but decided the Mini Micro 3 in 1 was the route we were heading down but when I logged on, I saw the 2 Go had just been added and in all honesty, I fell a little bit in love instantly (oh dear, how my life has changed!)

Pros – The quality is unquestionable, it is solid and well crafted, the wheels lean with the child which means turning is so much easier than on cheaper alternatives and it is a lovely bright blue colour. The removeable drawer is a fantastic idea, Ted already loves filling and emptying it and it will be a great space to store a ball and his lunch on sunny days out later in the year.

Cons – Only a 6 month warranty, this seems very short to me.

Price – It isn’t cheap, in fact at almost £95 it’s pretty expensive BUT I think it is worth the investment. The handlebar extends, the seat and drawer can be removed and then we have a standard Mini Micro that will see Ted through until he’s 5, £19 a year seems quite the bargain!

Comments – The age recommendations are from 18 months plus, which as the 3 in 1 is from a year confused me slightly – I don’t think Ted would be able to balance on the little seat of the 3 in 1 yet but he is fine on the 2 Go…currently a little too short to scoot himself along but loving being pushed about (only one growth spurt off going it alone though!)

We purchased with the intention of supporting and teaching him how to use it inside during the winter months before venturing outside once his confidence has been built and spring has arrived, with this in mind, it is everything we hoped it would be.

Micro Scooters also do some fab accessories. We already have the dinosaur helmet ready for heading outdoors but can’t wait to help Ted pimp his ride further!

As the ultimate bargain hunter it is also worth noting these scooters NEVER get discounted (even the Jo Jo voucher codes exclude them) so don’t waste your time searching for a cheaper price!

We are very happy with our choice and give the Micro Mini 2 Go the full complement 5/5 💙💙💙💙💙.

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