Travelling with a Toddler #4 – Roadtripping


Ah the beautiful Californian views…how is it even their roads seem better?

After a couple of weeks darting about California, these are our top tips for happy roadtripping…

1. Short bursts, we were lucky our route had so many things to do along the way so we factored in stops for beach playing, park visiting and general refreshment stops. We didn’t spend longer than an hour in the car at a time and made sure we had enough local knowledge to be able to locate a stop should we need one quickly.

2. Entertainment! We did lots of singing (wow, our boy loves wind the bobbin up and was not happy with only one of us singing!!) and pointing at cars however sometimes we weren’t needed and Ted managed to find his own fun, our only input was removing his shoes!!


3. Our own car seat, it was much less hassle than I thought taking it would be, plus I had peace of mind which was priceless and Ted was happy and comfortable.

4. Where ever possible we found timing driving and Ted’s need for a nap to be a winning combo.


Well timed naps gave us the chance to sneak some junk that we wouldn’t dream of feeding Ted too…err, sorry bump – the veg is back, full force this week – promise!!


5. Blinds, we took our UV blinds with us and used them when it was really sunny (we didn’t want to block the world out for the little guy unnecessarily). I think this also helped to keep him cool and made it easier for him to nod off when tired.

6. Flexibility – probably the biggest key to success for us throughout the trip was everything being a loose plan, subject to change. Spontaneous stops gave us the chance to see places we otherwise wouldn’t have and meant the little dude stayed in good spirits.

7. And if all else fails…there’s always the trusty iPad to fall back on! Our cases both attach to the back of the headrest and as a last resort they were always a winning option for 20 minutes!

Do you have any other top tips for surviving car journeys with little people?

4 thoughts on “Travelling with a Toddler #4 – Roadtripping

  1. Lots of frequent breaks would probably be my top tip (as it was yours) – it just isn’t nice to drive too long with a little person in the car. What a fabulous road trip this must have been though, up in California! Wow! 🙂 #mondayescapes

  2. I definitely fancy a US roadtrip with my daughter some day but unfortunately we’ve passed the stage when she’d always nod off in the car, but we also seem to be into the travel sickness years, so maybe one to put off! Lots of music, audio CDs and window shades are definitely winners. Thanks for linking up to #mondayescapes

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