The Block has lifted!

It happens to us all I know but the blog has been somewhat neglected of late – I’ve been busy, uninspired and in all honesty a little bit lazy!

I thought I’d make my return with a little bit of a recap of what I’ve been up to over the past few weeks.

The most exciting part has probably been this…


We got to see the new addition to our family, due to join us in November and now I’ve passed the 20 week milestone know that all is well, although Peanut was feeling very coy on the day and insisted on keeping their variety a secret!

Aside from that my creative juices have been flowing in the kitchen. Ted has completely rejected healthy, non sugar laden breakfast cereals and I don’t like him having them so taking inspiration from Facebook and Instagram pages I’ve set about creating cereal bars and breakfast loafs (cake as Ted has been conditioned to believe he’s being treated to!!) They have been a massive hit…if anybody else has been struggling in a similar way and would like some very quick and simple recipes, just shout!

Baking for Ted has also inspired me to spend some time in the kitchen cooking for us as a family (and saving money at the same time!) I have so far experimented with Quiche, Pies, biscuits and pizza – all of them have been really easy and I’ve surprised myself with how rewarding I’ve found it, goodness I think this means I’m officially old!

Obviously aside from the above there has been plenty of Ted based fun too, the little guy is 17 months now and while he keeps us on our toes he also has us constantly entertained, dancing is a new favourite – This is guarenteed to put a smile on your face!

He loves being outside exploring with sticks and stones…


Daddy is very high up on the popularity list at the moment. Nothing makes Ted happier than being Daddy’s little helper…


Eating his food…


And generally wrapping him around his little finger!


And nothing makes me happier than watching my boys together!

I won’t leave it so long next time!

4 thoughts on “The Block has lifted!

  1. Aw I love that scan, it’s like you’re getting a little cuddle 🙂 I’ve taken to climbing in the cot recently – one of us should sleep x

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