Travelling with a toddler #7 – The Eden Project

We have never been to The Eden Project before and decided we couldn’t be only a few miles down the road at the lovely Cornwall Hotel (more about that here), on a beautiful sunny day with a toddler that needed wearing out and not go for an explore…

Beware, this review is mainly through the eyes of a 1.5 year old so may not offer all the educational and horticultural insights you hoped for!

Ted says –

“I spy with my little eye…


Sometimes walking becomes a bit too much, sit in a buggy though? No!
I want to fly like those people on the zipwire overhead.
Daddy, Daddy….


And then giggle with Mummy about those funny giant golf balls – what on earth are they?? Find out a bit more here if you’re interested!


Oooo, now this looks more up my street – yay, adventure club!!


I loved exploring and learning all about dinosaurs with Daddy and Grandad, RAAAAAA!!


And then, because we were on holiday I was allowed to eat treat food with silly Daddy, yummy Ice Cream!


I did then let Daddy have a tiny rest to enjoy some treats of his own…


Meanwhile, my cousin Cailynn and I had lots of fun spinning in the Teapigs chair…


But not for too long because Cailynn and I needed Daddy to help us find ‘real’ dinosaurs that were roaming about…


Some people were scared when we found them and said I was confusing Dinosaurs with cats with my calm stroking approach, Daddy said we call these people wimps and to ignore them!!…


I had a great day and was relieved to finally find somewhere that could not only tire me out so Mummy could have a nap later in the afternoon too but that also had enough bananas to satisfy me…


And that could teach Daddy and Me how to import enough coffee to see Mummy through the next few months!!…


I will definitely be coming back again…there is so much to see and learn here and I know I’ll like it even more once I’m a bit bigger!”

As you can see, Ted enjoyed himself and he wasn’t the only one. This is a great day out, as well as an 18 month old we had a 7 year old and an 85 year old (plus 20, 30, 50 and 60 somethings!) in our party and everybody had a lovely time.

Although entry is not cheap there are discounts for eco travel to the site, online booking and you can claim an annual pass for the same price as single entry by donating your entry fee (all explained here) which is amazing if you live nearby or even just intend to return to the area within 12 months – I saw lots of Mummy and buggy groups making the most of this.

If you get the chance to visit before 2nd September 2015 while Dinosaur Uproar is still on then we would definitely recommend you do – it was a real highlight for all of us.

Please do let us know if you visit The Eden Project and share any places you have visited that you think we may enjoy too.

This is an unsponsored review, based solely on our experiences.

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7 thoughts on “Travelling with a toddler #7 – The Eden Project

  1. We went to the Eden Project quite sometime ago, but we haven’t been with Monkey yet – loving the look of the dinosaurs. You have captured some lovely photos too πŸ™‚ #whatevertheweather

  2. Love this! So cute to see it through a one year olds eyes! My little A would probably be the same, that’s all the things he loves to do too. Very cute photos too!
    Thanks for linking up to #Whatevertheweather πŸ™‚ x

  3. I love the Eden Project. I live in Cornwall and remember when it was being built. We got to see it in the early stages of being built, when it first opened and then have been going back yearly to see how much it has changed. It’s incredible how much it’s grown and expanded over the few short years its been open. It’s such a incredible place to explore! Especially with little ones. I love that this is from the point of view of your toddler. SO CUTE! πŸ˜€ Thank you for linking this up to #whatevertheweather . I hope you had a lovely holiday x

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