David Beckham…and the great Dummy debate!

This week David Beckham and the beautiful Harper have been all over the media but for a very different reason.

A dummy.

Harper at 4 years old was spotted out with Daddy David and big brother Brooklyn and had her dummy in her mouth, this obviously sent opinions flying all over the place.

I’m going to put my neck out there and say that I hate seeing children with dummies in public.

However, does that mean I’ve never allowed Ted at 18 months to have his?
Of course it doesn’t because;
I’m human and
I’m a Mummy and
I’m tired sometimes and
so is Ted and
I sometimes I need to do something quickly and
I need to not be screeched at while I’m doing it and
I know the value of picking my battles and so on and so on.

This most definitely doesn’t mean it happens a lot (probably 4 times in the past year), it means that on certain days I have to weigh up the pros and con’s of the situation and decide how I’m going to tackle each one individually, it means that just like every other parent I have to pick my battles, some are worth fighting and others just aren’t that important.

This doesn’t mean she’s going to be plagued by speech delay or teeth that point in every direction going, this means that on this day, at this time she needed additional comfort just like we all do sometimes and a dummy provides her with that occasionally.

The Beckham’s are in the press almost every day, they are known for being fantastic parents who spend massive amounts of time with their children and therefore clearly know them and their needs well. I personally have never in four years seen Harper with a dummy before (and as this occasion has caused such a media storm, I can but assume others haven’t either) so can we not just see this for what it was? A poorly little girl having her needs met by a Daddy who loves her lots, knows what she wants and needs and decided that on this occasion the dummy wasn’t a battle either of them needed to fight?

What are your thoughts?

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