Hampshire Days Out with a Toddler – Splash Park

It was a sunny Sunday in Southampton so we decided to take a trip to the local Splash Park. We are really lucky to have quite a few local options but my favourite for Ted at the moment is at Fleming Park in Eastleigh.


There are some shaded areas at one end of the pool, close to a few different fountains and then a shallow pool that Ted can comfortably walk and splash his way through without needing to hold our hands.


Obviously one of us stayed with him in the water throughout but it was nice for him to feel he had that extra bit of freedom.


The pool is next to a nice park with a large sand pit plus a skateboarding ramp for older children and large grassy and tarmaced spaces for running, ball games and bike/scooter fun. There has also always been an ice cream van on site on sunny days – a good incentive to coax Ted from the water at home time!

All these options together make it the perfect place for families with a mixed age range and if you bring a picnic it is a rare free day out, which is always a bonus!

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