Hampshire days out with a toddler – Sea City Museum

Yesterday, Ted and I spent the afternoon at The Seacity Museum in Southampton for their Dino Fest Toddler session.

It was brilliant.

The session ran from 1-2pm and was aimed at children from 18 months – 4 years. It only cost Β£3.50, a lot less than any of the other sessions we’ve attended.

Ted was probably the youngest there and I was a little worried how he’d cope with the structure initially but he did really well.

A lovely, bubbly lady called Jo ran the session, she was welcoming and enthusiastic with all the children and addressed them all by their names (aided by the stickers given on entry!) There were dinosaur toys and puppets on the carpet which Ted was excited by straightaway and kept him occupied until the story started, this was a short dinosaur picture book that kept all the children’s attention well and Ted happily sat on my lap for the duration.

After the story it was time to explore downstairs – Ted LOVED it! This was a smaller version of the exhibition we visited at the Eden Project a few weeks ago so he wasn’t daunted by the size, movement or volume of the dinosaurs and found the darkened room exciting, repeatedly telling me how dark it was, pointing out the dinosaurs and roaring.




The sand pit was a massive hit too, even though he was a bit little and struggled to reach he persevered and really enjoyed using the brushes to dust off the fossils.


There were also drawers with more fossils in that he enjoyed opening and closing!!


And the interactive displays about texture and sound were really impressive too.


It was great to see him joining in confidently among all the older children and giving everything a go.


We had about 15 minutes to explore before heading back upstairs, we could have spent a lot longer there and I think we’ll definitely return with Daddy before Dino Fest ends.

Back upstairs in the learning zone it was time to get creative and although Ted didn’t really have the concentration for the full activity we were easily able to adapt it so that he had fun…


And as always, he made lots of mess!


The end result was this delightful dinosaur who was in his hand proudly for the rest of the day.


Ted went home with not only this but with two rather impressive stickers…things don’t get much better in toddler world!


We had a fantastic afternoon and will definitely be attending more of their toddler sessions in the future.

5 thoughts on “Hampshire days out with a toddler – Sea City Museum

  1. Ah cool…I’ve signed up to their mailing list now too so will find out about other toddler events, I’d definitely recommend that if you haven’t already x

  2. What a great day out – especially for boys who love dinosaurs! I know my boy would enjoy it. The craft bit looks loads of fun too, nice to have something to take home πŸ™‚ #mondayescapes Sabrina x

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