Hampshire days out with a toddler – Winchester

Rich’s mum has been staying with us for the past week and after we’d put her to work and miles her fully of all her energy we thought it was only right we took her somewhere nice on the Saturday.

We gave her a few options and she opted for a quiet day pottering around Winchester, a great place to wander around with a toddler who insists on walking everywhere!

We arrived early, around 9.30,(as you do when there’s a toddler in tow) and because of this we drove into the centre and parked in Jewry Street, however the park and ride is a great option if you’re heading in much later as parking isn’t plentiful and the one way systems make it difficult if you don’t find somewhere quickly.

We took a slow (little person speed) walk to the High Street to my favourite little cafe, Caracoli where we enjoyed a selection of their awesome coffees and pastries to fuel us for exploring. We managed to grab a spot outside and enjoyed watching the world pass by, the pedestrianised street made it easy for one of us to wander with Ted when he got bored and then swap over, tag teaming at it’s best!

After our fuel stop we headed towards the Cathedral, the area is lovely with plenty of trees to hide behind and jump up into with the aid of Daddy!



Ted loved running his hands over the old building and telling us how bumpy it was.


There was a small hand holding protest…which we found hilarious,


But it was quickly sorted with some wall walking distraction!


Once we reached the water Ted was fascinated watching it fly by, the current was really fast and Daddy helped him to throw sticks and stones in and watch them be carried away down the river.


We also loved taking in the wise words of Patty and Bobby…


And looking at the ducks.


In total the walk at a leisurly pace with Ted had taken us almost two hours so we headed back to the start, looping back round to where we came from to Loch Fyne in Jewry Street, after all that walking we deserved a lovely meal…and that’s exactly what we received!


A great day out – highly recommended.

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