Preparing to become a Big Brother

With Peanut’s arrival becoming ever more imminent now I started thinking more seriously about making sure Ted is as prepared as possible for the arrival of his new sibling.

So far we have…

– Been talking about the baby lots.

– Ted has been to all my midwife appointments with me – although generally he’s been trying to stop the lady touching me and then concentrating on eating the snack I’ve distracted him with rather than taking a great interest in what’s happening but as he’s only 19 months I don’t think that’s too much of a concern!

Including bump, in the morning when we snuggle up and slowly come round he now will lift my top up and kiss/blow raspberries on bump, we always use this as an opportunity to talk about the baby and how lovely he is being.


– A new game called ‘Dinner, Dinner, Baby!’ This started with Ted lifting up both his top and mine and me telling him his tummy was full of dinner and mine full of baby…Daddy has since been added in and it has given us many laughs!

Including Ted in the preparations, letting him help unpack deliveries and talking to him about what everything is for. This has proved entertaining for everyone if nothing else!


Helping! I am pretty obsessive about moisturising and in the morning as soon as Ted sees the pot of Bump Cream he heads straight on over with demands of “Ted, cream, help!” And then proceeds to rub cream on my bump…and then generally all over himself too!!


Stories, We have been regularly reading:
There’s a House inside my Mummy for about the past 10 weeks and as well as being a lovely story that we all enjoy the illustrations are simple and easy to relate to our family so I definitely think they’ve helped make a few connections. We have also just added I’m a New Big Brother to our book collection on the recommendation of Emma at Our Fairytale Adventure, this is another lovely book to help understanding and the giggling noise button has given us some giggles of our own too. Ted instantly related to the story and pointed to my tummy during the first time we shared it and has asked to read it many times since.

Preparation, We decided rather than getting Ted a specific present from the baby that I would make a ‘feeding box’ a selection of old and new toys, stories and activities that I’ve put away in a large box that will be from the baby, dragged out at each feed time and packed away after. This will hopefully keep him happy and occupied (alongside a drink and snack) and allow me to feed the baby without an irate toddler protesting or any jealously ensuing! So far we have some building blocks, a few new and a few old favourite books, toy cars, dinosaurs and animals, aqua doodle mini and a dustpan and brush (Ted loves to clean!!). We also plan to let him have some chill out time in front of the TV during one feed and hope he’ll nap during another…all sounds so simple in theory!!

Is there anything else you think we could do to make things easier on the little guy?

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5 thoughts on “Preparing to become a Big Brother

  1. What good ideas! My eldest was only 15 months when her little sister was born, and I didn’t really do that much to try and prepare her because I didn’t think she was old enough to understand. She also came to all my maternity appointments – and she also was very keen on trying to stop the midwife from doing anything to me! She was always very concerned and angry about the blood pressure in particular! Wonder why they do that (toddlers not like midwives touching you, that is, not why midwives take blood pressure!).

    She has always accepted her sister and never shown any jealousy. My dad got her her first proper doll as a present when her new sister was born (we call her Sissy doll).

    I expected problems with feeding too, especially as I had only stopped breastfeeding the eldest a few weeks before Baby was born but, again, she has never been bothered or upset at all. She used to show interest & talk about baby having her milk, but was never jealous. Mostly she has always just played during feeds or eaten her own food if it’s a meal time.

    So I don’t really have any useful tips, but do have some reassurance that it can be a really smooth transition that doesn’t need much work, if you’re lucky! I think when the eldest is still very young themselves they are pretty adaptable & haven’t got too used to having all of your attention. #twinklytuesday

  2. Ah that’s great to hear…people are normally so keen to tell horror stories (about everything from labour onwards…) so it’s lovely to hear such a positive outcome – thank you xx

  3. Aaah bless him! He looks too tiny to be a big brother!! That said Bertie is Cosmo’s ‘big’ brother — albeit by 30 seconds — and they’re the same age!!! 🙂 My only advice with two is to give them each lots and lots of love. Try and include Ted in everything you do when the new baby arrives — and maybe get daddy to take him out for the day, make a fuss of him. That way you can get some bonding time with the new baby too. Thanks so much for linking up with us xx #TwinklyTuesday

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