31 Week Update – signs I really am having a(nother) baby!


I think I’ve been slightly in denial but this week and the arrival into the 30’s has been a reality check…it has dawned on me that I really am having another baby and pretty soon!

Aside from the obvious bump, the fact I’m now being forcefully kicked a quite frankly unreasonable amount of the time and that flopping down on the sofa in the evening doesn’t include a glass of wine currently the big eye openers for me this week were…

– The pram top arrived for the new buggy…


– The birthing pool being delivered and sitting in the corner of the room staring at me…


– Hypnotherapy classes beginning and starting my own lunchtime relaxation time. I will do full post on these in the near future.


– Essential DIY work has been completed – out with the horrible old carpet…


And in with the lovely new laminate! Much more practical for a house that is going to have even more food and bodily fluids flying around it in a few weeks!


Sickness, aahhh just like their big brother was this little one is cramped and refuses to share space with my meals, so is kicking them straight back out again. It’s exhausting.

– Nesting has commenced…Lots of organising, cleaning and purchasing of very boring things like new mops, brushes and dustpans – what’s happened to me?!

Oh that’s right…I really am having a(nother) baby!

On a more positive note, things I’ve loved this week:

Naps – any excuse to crawl back into bed when Ted does is taken!

My little helper – everybody needs a personal moisturiser!!


Feeling organised – although I’m hoping this little one isn’t planning on springing a surprise early arrival on us I’m organised enough (or almost) that we’d be OK!

Pregnant Friends – I have a handful of friends with due dates four weeks either side of mine and it’s great having people to share the highs and lows with who are in the same position/ level of discomfort!

See you at 33 Weeks.


How to entertain three under 3?…


With two boxes of cotton buds…obviously!!

Watching Ted and his two little friends playing this morning got me thinking about how we spend so much time (and money) on elaborate and expensive activities but I’m sure everyone of us has a picture like this, household items that have provided hours of entertainment without any planning or direction!

Other winners in our house are…

– Cardboard boxes
– Wrapping paper
– The recycling bin
– Cupboard doors
– Pots, pans and wooden spoons
– Toothbrushes
– Old bottle teats
– Empty plastic bottles
– Packs of wipes
– Bunches of keys
– Hoover attachments
– Sponges and cloths to help ‘clean’

**All supervised, of course!**



What household items have your little ones stumbled upon and then been entertained by for ages?

Laura x