25 Week Update


I had a mini ‘I’m soooo fat’ melt down this week and then had it very quickly counterbalanced when talking to a Mum I’d never met before in the swimming changing rooms today who while I stood in front of her in my bikini didn’t realise I was pregnant – what she must have thought I’d had for breakfast I have NO idea!!!

OK, so I accept my meltdown may have been a little over the top but I also think this belly is a little hard to miss now? Surely?

Generally I’m still doing really well – I’m taking Omprazole to try and reduce the indigestion and sickness which does seem to be helping and most of the time I’m pretty sane and reasonable although there was an incident where Rich cooked a curry badly that I sobbed for an hour over which was a low point!!

Sleep is pretty hit and miss still but I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I’m hoping are going to make that better…the first starts tomorrow and is an early evening relaxation class – it complements the hypnobirthing methods I used in my labour with Ted (and will again this time) and is a chance to take an hour to myself to completely zone out and relax complete with a pillow and blanket…ahh Bliss!

The second is a collaboration I’m looking forward to sharing with you all very soon and the third is a few days in Cornwall for my brother’s wedding complete with Spa Hotel and doting Grandparents to help with the little dude – I’m so excited for us all to go away together and to be able to spoil ourselves a little with relaxation and some quality family time, just what we need right now.

I will report back with local recommendations and hopefully stories of fun, love, laughter and plenty of peaceful sleeping!

Meanwhile, this week in Toddlerland Ted has turned 18 months and really mastered his scooter…


Become very attached to his helmet, wearing it at any opportunity…


And has realised that we all think it’s very cute when he folds his arms then sits ‘thinking’!!


It’s all rock n roll around here!



Me time!

It’s 4pm on a Saturday afternoon and I’m having a bath.
A hot bath.
A hot, deep bath.
A hot, deep bath by myself.

This is probably as close to heaven as I get these days, I used to have a steming hot, full to overflowing bath that I could lounge in for hours most nights, letting water out and refilling it once it became cooler and in all honesty thinking “Aahhh I need this”…little did I know one day I would actually NEED it!

To hear nothing
To do nothing
To relax
To preen
To clean
To pamper
To treat…

I needed those things today.

I used to be able to take hours out here and there on at least a monthly basis to have my hair cut, my nails done, my feet pampered, my eyebrows preened, my eyelashes lengthened and my body de-fuzzed…by OTHER people!

Now, it’s generally a mad scramble to climb into the bath and try and make myself look less like a gorilla as frequently as I can manage, the eyebrows reach an SOS situation before they’re rescued and the hair has to be seriously compromising vision before I get round to arranging an appointment, as for the state of my nails and last time my eyelashes were mascaraed let alone lengthened…let’s not even go there!

This week we are pre holiday, at this point almost exactly 96 hours pre holiday.

So everything is changing and wow, it’s been amazing!

I have cut hair, a smooth body and shaped eyebrows so far and come Tuesday evening I’ll also have pretty hands and feet and eyelashes fit for nothing but fluttering!

I feel like a different person, in fact I’m a little bit scared Ted won’t recognize me without the monobrow!

The budget may not be able to stretch to treating myself to all of this, all of the time but my pledge to myself is to take some time out every week and pamper myself so  that underneath the dried food and faint smell of poo at least I’ll know that the other girl, the old me is still hiding because it really is the little things that make a difference.